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Bringing Your EV To The Sunshine Coast? Here’s What You Need To Know.

This week on the blog, we want to let our visitors know exactly what to expect when they bring their Electric Vehicle to the Sunshine Coast.

Cricks wants to be at the forefront of electric vehicles, and with that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about bringing your EV to the Sunshine Coast.

The world’s longest supercharging highway is in Queensland, from Coolangatta to Cairns along a highway that spans over 1700km, and our beautiful Sunshine Coast is intertwined with this highway in a big way!

Charging isn’t what it used to be, there are available spaces for many of the coast’s population who have already made the switch to electric, and there’s plenty more space for those who visit us on holiday or with the desire to move to the region.

The big one that we often get questions about inside our dealerships, what is the charging situation like on the coast?

This very useful information can be found in several spots on the internet, from app’s like PlugShare that not only showcase up-to-date maps of the area, but also feature comments from other electric vehicle owners about the services nearby and the availability of the plugs.

We’re here to share from our experience which of these charging stations is most reliable, you can read more about that in a previous blog HERE.

For those of you visiting the Sunshine Coast in a Tesla vehicle, Tesla Superchargers are available in Westfield Maroochydore shopping center known locally as The Plaza.

There are also available Tesla destination chargers in Caloundra and Mooloolaba at hotels, and at the University of Sunshine Coast located in Sippy Downs.

Tesla charging points are not the only major locations of charging points on the Sunshine Coast, as many shopping precincts and local towns are major hubs for electric vehicle charging which you can read more about HERE.

 Cricks has many brands that sell electric vehicles and we have more and more electric vehicles entering our range every single month.

There's so much to do on the Sunshine Coast, maybe you're just here for the weekend and want to learn about how to adventure on the Sunshine Coast. 

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Cricks has many brands that sell electric vehicles and we have more and more electric vehicles entering our range every single month.

If you’re interested in purchasing a brand-new electric vehicle, or learning more about electric vehicles, click HERE.

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