Do I need to get my car air-conditioning serviced?

Today on the blog we’re answering the summer-time question, do we need to service our car’s air-con before the summer heat takes over?

First things first, how often do we need to get our air-conditioning serviced?

Much like all modern technologies, air-conditioning systems have many moving parts that require a regular amount of attention to continue to run at high levels.

Cricks recommends that you service your air-conditioning every two years, this is due to the build up of debris and dust that will slowly fill up your system over time.

There are a few key indicators in your car that let you know if you need to get your air conditioning serviced.

Things like:

Your air conditioning is not as cold as it used to be.The air comes out slower than you remember.Unusual noises when you turn the air conditioning on.Strange, or oily smells coming from the vents when you turn the air conditioning on.

All of these issues, plus many more smaller issues that build up over time can have a negative impact on your overall air in the car!

So, what can Cricks do for your air-conditioning this summer? That’s easy! We can service it for you!

Cricks offers friendly service, competitive prices, and that drive away happy feeling our customers love so much!

If you’re looking to be at the beach this summer, or on the roads heading to visit family and friends, or you’re just looking to stay cool all year round, come into Cricks this summer and service your air conditioning!

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