Fuel Efficient Cars to Help You Beat the Price Rise

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Have you started to feel physical, emotional, and severe financial pain every time you go to put fuel in your car? Me too.

In October of 2021, CompareTheMarket wrote that although fuel prices had hit a 13-year high, they could still get higher. I’m here today to tell you, they have. Fuel prices have now risen by about 15 per cent in the last six months. The reason why is a whole other article that we don’t have the time to discuss today. What we do have time to discuss is how to save you money in the long run!

There is no better time than now to start looking into investing in a fuel-efficient car. Whether you want a hybrid or non-hybrid, we’ve rounded up seven vehicles that can help you avoid the fuel price rise.


Renault Megane 1.5

Renault is a brand known for their affordable luxury, and there’s nothing more affordable and luxurious than saving money on fuel so you can spend it on Uber Eats. The Megane is a 1.5 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel vehicle, known to be the perfect combination of fuel economy and low-emissions without compromising on performance. If you’re looking for something small, stylish, and modern, the Renault Megane is the one for you!

Skoda Fabia

Awarded the ‘Best First Car’ Award by CarSales for four years in a row, the Skoda Fabia is known for its low emissions and good fuel economy. The Fabia has the space to transport everything you need, from pets and passengers to luggage and sporting gear, while also being small enough to zip around those tight city streets! If you’re looking for a versatile car that feels at home anywhere, the Skoda Fabia is the one for you!

Volkswagen Polo

The 2021 winner of the Drive Car of the Year, Best City Car award; the Volkswagen Polo is more than just a pretty face. The Polo is a stylish vehicle with a highly efficient engine. It’s designed to look refreshingly clean and polished with a practical interior designed for space and comfort. If you’re looking for a spacious and stylish hatchback, the Volkswagen Polo is the one for you!

Suzuki swift

One of the most iconic hatchbacks on the market - commonly known as the most popular car chosen by teenage girls on their red P’s. However, the Suzuki Swift is so much more than that. With inner and outer beauty, the Swift will get you anywhere you need to go and look good while doing it. It’s packed with all kinds of handy technology, as Suzuki themselves say, “the swift is designed by sexy geniuses, for sexy geniuses.” If you’re looking for a car with state-of-the-art safety, and packed with technology, the Suzuki Swift is the one for you!


Honda accord VTi-LX Hybrid

The Honda Accord is a perfect size sedan, jam-packed with technology. It comes with Honda sensing, high-beam support system, parking assist, emergency stop signal, tyre pressure monitoring system, and so, so much more! The Honda Accord is built to make your life easier, pop your phone on the wireless charger, connect it to Apple Car-Play, and get going with push button start. If you’re looking for a car with technological features spilling out the doors, the Honda Accord Hybrid is the car for you!

Mitsubishi Outlander Phev

The Outlander Phev is an excellent all-round car. It combines a quiet and dynamic performance, with exceptional fuel economy and low emissions; all to make your driving experience better. The Outlander Phev gives you the peace of mind of long-range capability with innovative technology that seamlessly switches between three drive modes to deliver the best performance possible. If you’re looking to spend a little more to get a little more, the Mitsubishi Outlander Phev is the car for you!

Kia Niro

The Kia Niro has great fuel economy by SUV Standards. This car is a fantastic buy, it’s competent, has low running costs, and a long warranty. It’s sporty and fun to drive and has a huge 10.25” touch screen to enrich your driving experience. If you’re looking for a large, affordable hybrid the Kia Niro is the car for you.

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