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This week on the blog we’re looking at the all-new KIA EV6 and what it can provide to our customers and families on the Sunshine Coast.

You may have recently seen a large amount of advertising for the KIA EV6 alongside the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and you’re here today looking for some information on this beautiful new vehicle.

Cricks is at the forefront of electric vehicle adoption on the Sunshine Coast, and we are here to answer all the questions you may have about the adoption of electric vehicles, and specifically on this blog the adoption of the KIA EV6.

Let’s look at the car itself…

From the outside, the all-new KIA EV6 can very easily be mistaken for a smaller vehicle, but when you step inside you are very happily mistaken.

With ample space for all passengers, including the blog writer who is 6 foot 4, and spacious legroom throughout, you can rest assured that this modern electric SUV will fit the whole family inside on trips across the Sunshine Coast.

If you’re looking to recharge your batteries (pun intended), the KIA EV6 also features an incredibly convenient power-nap function that fully reclines the front two seats while you charge the vehicle.

That’s not all for the interior, however, as the infotainment system within is equally equipped with terrific options for customers.

Many of our customers ask us if the electric vehicles feature buttons, as they want to remain in control of individual controls when they want to, and the KIA EV6 is no exception to the electric rule as they provide a good number of buttons throughout the interior to change settings when you need them.

The KIA EV6 features multiple cameras, a full 360-degree camera option, and high-definition reversing cameras that we have never seen before on other vehicles.

Augmented reality satellite navigation also makes its way to the KIA EV6, giving you a superimposed view of up-to-date directions on your windscreen in front of you, keeping your eyes on the road for longer and your focus firmly on looking ahead.

The KIA EV6 is a terrific car for the Sunshine Coast, it provides locals with a terrific, electrified experience, and with a price under $78,000 these cars are very competitive in the current electric vehicle market.

Want to test drive a KIA EV6 and check out the electric revolution for yourself? Click below to learn more and Drive Away Happy!

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