Make the most of your test drive

Test driving is one of the most important steps of the car buying process, but it's also one that our customers can rush, where the excitement takes over and you don't keep some of those top priorities in mind.

Today on the blog we've created a rundown of considerations you should make before, during, and after getting behind the wheel for your test drive.

Chances are, if you’ve picked a car that you’re hoping to test drive, you are confident that It’ll be to your liking. But did you make sure you did your research? Before getting behind the wheel, make sure to familiarise yourself with the safety features and the technological features of the car so that you are better able to focus on the drive.

The best approach is to drive like you are already the owner; take the car on familiar routes, uphill, practice parking manoeuvres, emergency stops (on an empty street) and any other typical driving patterns that you feel comfortable testing. Think P plate driving test, but without the instructor and the stress!

Here is a list of some things to think about during the test drive:

How is the turning circle?How does the car handle?How is the acceleration and braking speed?Do I feel confident with the car’s technology?Do you feel safe and comfortable?Is it easy to park?Will this car fit in my garage?

Then when you're pulled over, spend some time testing out all the extra features. Maybe that includes the sunroof, touchscreen monitor, speakers, aircon, seat heating, reverse camera, or any of the other dash screen options.

If there is anything missing that you were hoping or expecting to have, you may need to consider upgrading to a higher model of the vehicle. Another important aspect is to sit in the seats throughout the whole vehicle. Will all your future passengers be able to fit? Will your tall and lanky occupants be comfortable? How about fitting in a baby seat and a pram? Taking a moment to consider your passengers' needs is not only the courteous thing to do but it will likely save you a lot of backseat arguments.

Speaking of passengers, it’s a good idea to become one! Get someone you trust to test drive your potential car and give you an honest second opinion. If you're on the fence about which car to choose, we recommend test driving both of your options, you'll have more of an understanding on how each car differs, which will make your final choice much easier.

On a regular test drive, a sales member will likely come along with you to show you the ropes and answer any questions that come up. If you're needing more time to mull over the car, Cricks offers a 24-hr hold on the car in which you can take it home for the night. We now offer a simple process where you can select a vehicle from our extensive range of New, Demonstrator or Used Vehicles. We will then arrange for your Test Drive from your home or place of work, by bringing the vehicle to you.

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