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So you’re ready to buy a new car? Great! There’s a lot to think about, and it can be easy to forget to check some key things in the excitement of test driving a brand new car.

Published Last year

We’ve put together a list of everything you need to think about before driving out of the dealership. We’ve also made a handy graphic, so you can save the checklist directly to your phone and take it along with you.

Choosing the Car

Decide on the shape and size car you’re after. What will you be using it for? How much space do you need? If you’re not sure,check out our fun & interactive quizWork out a rough budgetDetermine what your must-have features are, and what are just the nice-to-havesNarrow down your selection to 2 or 3 models

In the Showroom

Check the interior features - does it have what you’re looking for? Check things like the navigation, reversing camera and bluetooth capabilityCheck seating comfort - height, adjustment, leg roomCheck boot space & storageCheck the upholstery - is it practical for your life?Check layout of the dash - is it intuitive and practical?Will it fit in your garage?

During Your Test Drive

Is it easy to park?Do you feel safe & comfortable?Try and drive in different conditions - suburbia, motorwayCrank up the sound system - how does it sound?Bring someone along in the backseat - how is the ventilation? How is the sound system?

Making the Purchase

Find out what equipment and features come as standard and what you might need to add on as extrasDetermine how you’ll finance the car. Use ourfinance calculator, or reach out to our in-house Finance Managers who can structure a finance package to suit your individual circumstances.Check the warranty. All brands offer different warranties, so be sure to ask and consider purchasing an extended warranty.If you have a car to trade in, get a valuation from the sales staff.Line up your car insurance before you leave the dealership

On desktop, right click to save the image below. On your phone, hold your finger on the image until the option to save pops up.

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