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When you're in the market for a compact car, you'll often find yourself tossing up between a hatchback or sedan. So in this article, we're going to answer two of your burning questions: 

What is the difference between a hatchback and a sedan?And which one should I get?

First things first, the biggest difference you'll find between these models is in terms of shape. A sedan is considered to have a '3-box' body including a front, middle and rear section that separates the passengers from the boot. A Hatch on the other hand is described as '2-box' where the cargo area is open and sits directly behind the rear seats.


Hatchbacks have gained in popularity over the past decade, as brands continue to refine their style and functionality. Many 2021 models have quite a sporty appeal, and have improved the powertrain to give them a bit more of a gutsy feel on the road, much like the Suzuki Swift Sport.

There are a few differences that set the hatch ahead in some areas. Because of the upright shape of the rear window, there is better visibility and a lack of blind spots. The cargo space is generally more flexible with its split fold seats and taller capacity, meaning you can fit more uniquely shaped objects from your latest trip to Ikea. For your passengers that need the extra headroom, the hatch is an ideal choice. Particularly in the rear seating, the square shaped roof offers just that bit of extra height and space.

If you're yet to take a hatchback out for a test drive, allow us to give you a bit of a heads up about what to expect. The extra short wheel base and tight turning circle ensures a feeling of connectedness to the vehicle from tail light to bumper. The whole car moves in one motion and is extremely responsive, however, the steering sensitivity can need a bit of adjusting if you're about to trade in from an SUV. On the other hand, you will never have to worry about maneuvering through busy carparks again and city driving will be a breeze! Choose the right hatchback for you here.


When it comes to interior cabin space the sedan has the hatchback beat. The longer body shape allows space for your long legged friends and the pile of shoes, jumpers and miscellaneous items you've been accidentally collecting in your back seat. The vehicle is less upright which gives the exterior a sleek looking dynamic and the interior a modern, laidback style. There have even been some cases made that because of its aerodynamic shape and lighter body, sedans are more fuel efficient. Also, the divide between cabin and boot hides your valuables from view, which can give you that extra piece of mind when locking up your car for the day.

Sedans are one of the original vehicle designs since they began selling on the market all the way back in 1912! While there have been a lot of changes made and tech added to this iconic car, that sturdy reliability is something that you still can count on any sedan to have. They are known for their comfortable driving and while they might be longer and not as easy to park as the hatchbacks, many come with reversing cameras and sensors that will give you that extra assist. Choose the right sedan for you here.

Common Ground 

New vehicles are loaded with safety technology that are designed to keep your passengers safe. Regardless of the model type, hatchbacks and sedans are both well-equipped vehicles that make for safe, easy and enjoyable driving.

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