The Benefits Of Electric Vehicles

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Deciding whether to invest in an Electric Vehicle can be a highly contested decision. What are the benefits of taking this leap? You'll be pleased to know there are many!

1. Better for the Environment

Brands that design EVs understand that their buyers value sustainability. In an effort to improve and reduce their impact on the environment, many are choosing to utilize eco-friendly and recycled materials during production. While this is a relatively new development, there is a definite trend in the industry towards mindful manufacturing, much like Mazda's MX-30 and the Nissan Leaf.

The biggest pull towards EVs, is of course that battery power does not generate exhaust emissions whilst driving. Petrol and Diesel cars emit exponential amounts of CO2 which has a detrimental impact on our environment. Even if your charging port is connected to a coal powered grid, your carbon footprint will still be significantly lower. At-home charging ports can be connected to solar power, which cuts down emissions almost completely. Lingo aside, electric is a positive step forward in working towards a cleaner future for all of us.

2. Cheap to Run

Tired of being disgruntled by ever rising petrol prices? Buying electric can save you money in the long haul. While there might be a few upfront costs, like installing a personal charging port, the price of charging your electric battery is comparably cheaper. If you opt for a fully electric EV or HEV, you will enjoy the benefits of regenerative breaking, which can recharge the battery without ever needing to be plugged in. Meaning fewer charges and more money in your pocket.

3. The Driving Experience

The first thing you'll discover when switching on an EV for the first time, is how extraordinarily quiet the engine is. It makes for a wonderfully relaxing and comfortable ride. The second thing is how quickly the vehicle can surge into action from a standstill, thanks to the instantaneous torque that all EVs possess.

The batteries found in your EV are often fastened underneath the floor of the car, making for a well-balanced distribution of weight. While this is a more subtle observation, it does mean that handling corners and curves of the road will feel far more effortless and consistent than a regular vehicle.

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