The Best 4WD Tracks On The Sunshine Coast

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Whether you're just getting into off-road driving for the first time, or you’ve been in the driver’s seat since you could reach the pedals, you’ll be cruising like an expert in no time after a bit of practice at these Sunny Coast spots. We’ve curated a top-notch list of 4WD locations within 100km radius so you can spend less time planning and more time ripping up dirt!

Teewah Beach is one of our favourite sandy highways. To get there you’ll need to cross the barge at Noosa River before making your way up the beach towards Double Island Point. The hard packed sand is great for driving on at low tide, so it’s suitable for beginners or anyone looking for a bit more of a relaxing drive. Newbies will get to have a crack at the beach entrances and there is plenty of space to pull over and throw in a rod.

Fair warning though, at high tide the point can become pretty dangerous, so make sure to check the incoming tide times before heading off, or find a good spot to wait it out. There are always plenty of other 4WDs around to pull you out, but snatch straps or MAXTRAX will also get you out of trouble most of the time.

If you're a fan of beach driving and sandy manoeuvring then you’ll know there’s no better place than Fraser Island, and the best part is, at the end of every track you’ll be rewarded with stunning freshwater lakes or creeks. Take the barge at Inskip Point or Hervey Bay to get to the island, it's also best to go after a bit of rain for firmer, easier tracks. The further north you go the more experienced you need to be as the island becomes more remote and you meet the rocky outcrops. If you’re up for a bit of a challenge, the northern spots can be great fun. However, you’ll need to be well prepared with water, fuel, first aid and snacks because it might be a while before the next adventurer comes along to help.

Now if hinterland forests are more your scene, than the 4WD park at Glasshouse Mountains is a must visit for all you keen off-road junkies. It’s a great place to practice the more difficult obstacles like steep slopes, deep ridges, and logs. Plus there are deep washouts from the rain that make it really challenging. This location is definitely more suited to those with raised or modified vehicles. The best place to start is at the lookout, then make the 5-minute drive down to the Big Red car park where you’ll be met with some epic views. Novice drivers are best starting out by heading north from this spot towards the Powerlines track. If you’re going to tackle the Little Red track be sure to take the path on the right, it has about 50m of rock steps and ruts before smoothing out a bit and is far more enjoyable than the perilous track on the left, which is notorious for damaging cars.

There are heaps of 4WD tracks to explore in and around the Sunshine Coast, but there is one honourable mention that can’t be overlooked. The Landcruiser Mountain Park is about a 2-hour drive west of Maroochydore and after your first visit you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t go sooner. This popular camping spot boasts over 10,000 acres of wilderness and 200km of tracks to explore. It facilitates all ranges of experiences and even has waterfalls, creeks and rivers to enjoy (and fish at). This place is an absolute haven for anyone who loves the outdoors.

If you're in the market for a new 4WD but don’t know where to start, the team at Cricks are full of great advice to help get you into your new car and out on the trails ASAP!

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