Three Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a New Car!

When it comes to new cars, there’s always plenty of questions to ask yourself before jumping into that new purchase!

We’ve come up with three big questions our customers should be asking before they purchase a car on the blog today, to help you in your journey to pick the perfect car for you!

What did I dislike about my old vehicle that I would like in my new car?

Sometimes when we’re upgrading our older models into new models, the first thing we are looking for is the new features we haven’t had for ourselves yet. It’s a great head start in your journey to know what specifics features you’re interested in with your car, and what are the ones you can live without. Many new cars today have features that weren’t present even five years ago, so when purchasing a new car, you can be as thorough as you want to get it right. Of course, if Googling a hundred different features is making your head spin, why not reach out to our sales team with your questions? They’ve got years and years of experience in matching you to your vehicle and are always happy to answer your questions when you call.

How am I going to finance this car?

There are three main options when it comes to paying for your new car: leasing, buying outright, or financing through the dealership.

Leasing is handled through an external company of your choice and can be a great option for people who are interested in swapping their vehicle every few years. There are some additional costs to this method however, such as termination charges, mileage and wear and tear limits, overage charge, and buyout fees – if you’re considering this as a viable option, we highly recommend additional research with applicable companies.

Aside from paying upfront and zooming out of the dealership that very afternoon, the final and most common option is financing. This is an extremely viable method of payment for a large majority of Sunshine Coast residents who prefer to pay for their car incrementally. At Cricks, we endeavor to make the buying process as stress-free as possible, that’s why we have in-store finance managers available to discuss this option with you. Not only do we offer our finance managers to you to help in finding a lucrative deal, but you can also apply for Financial Pre-Approval on our website!

Do I know enough about this vehicle?

It’s always been easy to fall in love with a car at first glance, with so many exciting technical options now available on new models, strong and vibrant colours, and little aesthetic touches that draw you in. As fun as it is to be drawn in by the flashy features, Cricks also wants to make sure you’re prepared for the practical details of your new vehicle. The Cricks website has several ways to do your own research and prepare for your new purchase, from Blog Content like the one you’re reading today, to a personalised car Quiz that allows you to choose which features are important to you and gives you recommendations!

Hopefully this article leaves you with a few answers, and we hope equally you have EVEN MORE questions that you can take into the next phase of your new car journey.

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