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Small but mighty, the modern Hatchback has not been excluded from the automotive industries safety overhaul. Now more technologically advanced and packed with more protect and prevent features than ever, we're breaking down the top safest Hatchbacks for sale. Whether you are searching for your very first car or looking for a second family car, we know that no matter where you are on your journey, safety is a top priority. 

Kia Picanto

The Kia Picanto is designed for Australian Roads and as you can imagine, handles trips through the Sunshine Coast beautifully. It's zippy build is complimented by the reverse parking sensors, camera and guidelines. You'll never be concerned about reverse parallel parking again! Key features are available across the whole range, meaning you wont be compromising on safety if you decide on purchasing the base model. Key features include:

ISOFIX child seat tethersRear view camera and dynamic guidelines and reverse parking sensorsAutomatic Emergency BreakingEmergency Stop SignalHill start Assist ControlElectronic Vehicle Stability ManagementAntilock Break SystemFront and side airbags - Driver and Rear passengerCurtain airbagsFog lights5 Star ANCAP rating (2017)

Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swifts boasts a brand new technology called the advanced forward detection system. The AFDS is a laser, monocular camera that is found discreetly attached the front grill. It can detect pedestrians and any other oncoming hazard at speed or even in the dark! The swift also as the Automatic Emergency Break system that will kick in and bring the vehicle to a safe stop and avoiding collision. This is a car that fills you with confidence on the road and makes every drive a great one.

Rear Parking SensorsHigh Beam AssistRear Cross Traffic AlertAutomatic break system with Electronic Break-force DistributionAdaptive Cruise Control (Automatic distance control)Dual Sensor Break SupportLane Departure WarningWeaving AlertBlind Spot Monitor5 Star ANCAP rating (2017)

Skoda Fabia

You can't mention the Skoda Fabia without acknowledging that it has won 'Best First Car' award, as voted for on Carsales for the forth year in a row! Skoda is known for their excellent use of technology and quality design and they have certainly delivered when it comes to the Fabia. This hatchback has all of the staples that will warn and mitigate collisions on the road.

Driver fatigue warningAdaptive cruise control (Automatic distance control)Electronic Break DistributionFog lampsElectronic stability (weaving)Collision mitigation and warningHill holderReversing camera and dynamic guidelinesRear cross traffic alertAntilock breaks5 Star ANCAP Rating (2015)

VW Golf

When it comes to safety across the board, it's difficult to beat the VW Golf. Protective by nature, there is a huge host of automated features that step in to mitigate any potential accidents. For example, the emergency assist is alerted when there has been no steering, breaking or acceleration detected, despite sensing oncoming traffic. Initially the system attempts to wake the driver by steering jerks and finally an emergency stop is initiated and hazard warning lights are activated. Other amazing features include:

Electronic stabilization and antilock brakes Oncoming vehicle braking when turning Multi-collision braking (Prevents a secondary accident)Park Assist and rear view camera Exit Warning System (Alerts if it is not safe to open your driver door) Lane Keep Assist Traffic Jam Assist (semi-automated steering and breaking Rear Cross Traffic alert Adaptive Cruise Control Proactive Occupant Protection System(Automatically initiates protective mechanisms when a potential hazard is identified – seatbelts tighten, windows roll up leaving a slight crack)Automatic Emergency Breaking5 Star ANCAP Rating (2019)

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