Full Time Business Manager – Wises Road


As directed by the Dealer Principal:

  • Consult with customers and present all Finance and Insurance options / products.
  • Consistently meet the Autopact Benchmarks for the sale of Finance and Insurance products.
  • Submit all applications and negotiate to obtain approval from Finance Company/s on all finance deals.
  • Settle all loans with financiers without delay and in the required time frame.
  • Approve and co-ordinate all deliveries in conjunction with sales staff.
  • Collect and receipt all monies from the sale of vehicles (deposits and final balances), as well as amounts from Finance Companies.
  • Assist all New and Used Vehicle Sales Departments in lead management and sales negotiations.
  • Conduct Early Introductions with all customers of the Dealership in a professional manner.
  • Maintain the Autopact approved Finance and Insurance EraNet log detailing all transactions with customers, and/or any other reporting tools/logs as directed by Management.
  • Ensure the Finance and Insurance data in EraNet is upated and accurate at all times.
  • 100% compliance in relation to the use of the Autopact approved Finance Application folders, in line with Autopact Finance Integrity Policy.
  • Prepare finance documentation and settle with Finance Company when executed.
  • The Autopact approved ‘Options Letter’ is to be presented to every customer (cash and finance), of which a copy is to be kept in the customer file.
  • Ensure customers receive copies of all required documentation.
  • In relation to the settlement of Finance Contracts – Irregular contracts do not exceed 30% in any month.
  • All Finance deals to be settled within 48 hours of vehicle delivery.
  • Ensure minimal acceptable standards in relation to insurance quoting are met.
  • Send insurance premiums and monies to insurance companies in a timely manner.
  • Prepare invoices for customers whom are financing elsewhere.
  • Ensure Finance Company payouts are made by due date and are accurate.
  • Complete PPSR checks on all trade-ins, direct purchases and Used Cars sold.
  • Balance finance and insurance commissions received in conjunction with the Financial Controller.
  • Complete commission claim forms monthly.
  • Ensure all documentation is stored in a secure, locked location and all documentation is archived for future reference.
  • Assist the Dealership based training of Finance and Insurance Trainees and ensure at all times you provide accurate and relevant information to the Trainees.
  • Other duties as required and requested by management.
  • Adhere to all finance company policy requirements, together with all appropriate legal requirements and legislation including the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (NCCP)


Workers must ensure they:

  • Take reasonable care for their own WHS and that of the environment.
  • Take reasonable care their acts or omissions at the workplace don’t affect others.
  • Co-operate with Autopact Management with respect to any action taken by Autopact to comply with any legislative requirements.
  • Do not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided at the workplace in the interests of health, safety or environment.


Quality Assurance:

  1. Report all customer complaint (internal and external) and conditions that are adverse to the operational efficiency of the department or achievement of quality.
  2. Make suggestions for improvement as appropriate.

Performance standards for this position are met when:

  1. Sales and profit objectives for Finance and Insurance are met or exceeded.
  2. Monies for which the Business Manager is responsible are collected on time and without discrepancy.
  3. Customer service standards (both internal and external) are met.
  4. All compliance standards are met.


Delegations to the Assistant Business Manager:

  • Phone all customers 2 days after purchase to attempt a second close on any Finance and Insurance offerings (Swap customers with other BM’s to introduce new voice where appropriate)
  • Conduct Double Dutch phone calls every morning (Monday to Friday) with each sales team
  • Phone and reconfirm any weekend appointments on a Friday afternoon (Introduce Finance)
  • Run a sales training session at least once per month
  • Conduct regular training and spot check audits on all work carried out by the Assistant Business Manager
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