Section 1. Purpose of T&Cs.

1.1 These terms and conditions will explain how You can earn Points using Our loyalty program, Happy Rewards, and how to use Your Points to claim rewards.  Further information regarding our loyalty program is also available in our FAQ at Welcome to Happy Rewards | Cricks Sunshine Coast.

1.2 You agree to the Happy Rewards terms and conditions in relation to Your participation in the Happy Rewards program when You sign up to Happy Rewards.  You agree that We may update these terms and conditions from time to time by updating these terms and conditions on Our website and you agree that these updated terms and conditions will apply to You.

1.3 By registering for a Happy Rewards account and taking part in Happy Rewards You represent that You have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

Section 2. Participation and Membership

2.1 A person is eligible to become a member of Happy Rewards if they are aged 18 years or over and have a current valid email address, phone number and physical address in Australia.

2.2 To become a member, a person is required to provide their email address and physical address for delivery of rewards. You may also provide additional information when You create Your Happy Rewards account at Welcome to Happy Rewards | Cricks Sunshine Coast, such as Your date of birth so that You may receive birthday rewards.

2.3 Membership is valid from the date of joining.

2.4 We may refuse an application to become a Happy Rewards member for any reason, at our absolute discretion.

2.5 If You do not produce personal information to Us, We will be unable to provide rewards (wholly or in part) to You.

2.6 It is Your responsibility to inform Us immediately if Your personal details change (including, but not limited to, Your email address, postal address or phone number). If We do not have Your correct and up to date personal details, We may not be able to contact You about Your Happy Rewards account or send You offers or rewards, and We may also restrict operations on Your Happy Rewards account (including Your ability to redeem rewards).

Section 3. Points Explained

3.1 Members can earn Points by completing an Eligible Transaction. Eligible Transactions are outlined in How To Earn Points.

3.2 Members must be logged in to their Happy Rewards account when entering into transactions with Us in order for the transaction to be an Eligible Transaction.

3.3 We may deduct Points from Your Happy Rewards account if an Eligible Transaction is cancelled, or a refund is given.  

3.4 Points do not have any monetary value, except to the extent specifically provided for by a reward. Points are not property and cannot be redeemed as cash.

3.5 Points cannot be backdated nor transferred from other Happy Rewards accounts—even where the Happy Rewards accounts belong to the same person or are in the same user name.

3.6 Under no circumstances can Points be sold.

3.7 At Our sole discretion, We may award a member with Points or a reward due to the member’s purchasing behaviour, as a general incentive and/or for the purposes of promotional activities. We do so at Our discretion, and the award of Points does not mean that You will be entitled to future discretionary awards of Points.

3.8 We may, at Our discretion withdraw, cancel or vary the distribution of rewards. If We are unable to deliver a reward that You have claimed, We will reinstate the Points You have exchanged for that reward.

3.9 Rewards do not represent legal tender in any country.

3.10 During promotional periods, the number of Points earned per dollar spent may increase.  We will take reasonable steps to communicate the start and end dates of such promotional periods to You.

3.11 If We terminate Happy Rewards, We will take reasonable steps, where possible, to notify You of how long You have to use Your remaining Points before termination.  Where possible, We will give You at least 90 days’ notice of such termination to enable You to make a final rewards claim.

3.12 Happy Rewards Points expire 18 months after they were accrued if they have not been used to claim a reward.

3.13 Points cannot be shared or transferred to another individual, with or without a Happy Rewards account. However, multiple vehicles that have been purchased from Us or are serviced by Us can be registered to the one Happy Rewards account.  We reserve the right to, acting reasonably, apply limits to the number of vehicles that may be registered to the one Happy Rewards account.

Section 4. Redemption of Rewards

4.1 Members must be logged into their Happy Rewards account in order to redeem a reward.

4.2 Rewards are subject to availability. You can only claim rewards that are available at the time You make a claim. We may, acting reasonably, remove rewards from Happy Rewards, apply limits to the rewards that can be claimed by a Happy Rewards participant, or change the number of Points required to claim a particular reward. If You have claimed a reward and We are unable to fulfil that claim, We will reinstate the Points You used to claim that reward.   

4.3 Members can view available rewards at any time on the Happy Rewards rewards page at Welcome to Happy Rewards | Cricks Sunshine Coast. While We will use reasonable endeavours to keep the Happy Rewards rewards page up to date, the availability of some rewards may be subject to change. We will take reasonable steps to note where rewards are subject to limited numbers or availability.  

4.4 Rewards can only be redeemed once.

4.5 The number of Points required to claim each reward at any given time will be set out on the Happy Rewards rewards page.

4.6 Different rewards may be made available to different users subject to their location, purchase history and Points balance.

4.7 Except with Our written agreement, after You have submitted Your request for a reward You cannot:

a)         Return the reward, or receive a Points refund/credit to Your Points balance.

b)         Exchange the reward or receive any consideration—including for cash.

c)         Replace the reward for the same, or another reward, if Your reward is lost, stolen or otherwise destroyed once it is no longer in Our possession. If You elect to have a reward delivered to You, delivery is at Your risk from the moment they are in the possession of Us or the delivery service provider. This applies to all reward types including gift cards and vouchers.

4.8 If You elect to have a reward delivered to You, physical rewards will only be delivered to addresses within Our service area zones as specified in the FAQ and will not be delivered to a PO Box address.

Section 5. Resolving Disputes

5.1 Should You have a complaint in relation to Happy Rewards, please contact Our help team directly as set out in Section 6 below. We aim to resolve problems promptly. If We cannot find an instant solution We will let You know how long We expect it to take. Once We have completed Our investigations We will let You know Our decision, and the reasoning behind it. If You are not satisfied with the way Your complaint has been resolved, or indeed the steps We have taken, You may wish to contact a third party dispute resolution scheme. We also welcome feedback directly as We strive to provide great customer service.

Section 6. How to Communicate with Us.

6.1 All Happy Rewards enquiries should be directed to or 07 5450 3300.

6.2 If We need to contact You, We will send emails to the address linked to Your Happy Rewards account. In case We need to update You urgently, Our help team may phone the number attached to Your Happy Rewards account.

Section 7. Personal Information.

7.1 To participate in and receive the benefit of Happy Rewards, We will need to collect, hold, use, and disclose information to third parties about You in connection with Your Happy Rewards account, Points and rewards. Information will include certain personal information and transaction information relating to Points earned and requests for rewards. We will use this information for purposes of Happy Rewards to provide and market rewards and services to You, including the products and services of Our service providers and other third parties.

7.2 We will use Your personal information to send you promotions, offers and other marketing material relating to Happy Rewards and Our goods and services.

7.2 We may disclose Your information, including Your personal information, to third parties in connection with Happy Rewards, including to:

a)         Our service providers and agents engaged for the purpose of the administration provision of services relating to Happy Rewards, and the promotion of Happy Rewards and available rewards.

b)         Reward providers. This includes third parties engaged for the purposes of performing other services in connection with Happy Rewards, including the provision of a reward.

7.3 We treat all personal information in accordance with Our privacy policy available at [insert url].

7.3 We may also use or disclose Your personal information to let You know about offers and news relating to Happy Rewards—e.g., email, SMS, and social media, and in relation to Our dealerships and other services. You can let Us know at any time if You no longer wish to receive Our marketing by emailing or calling us as set out in Section 6 above. We will process this request as soon as practicable, but in some cases, there may be a delay between Your request being made and Us processing Your request and You may receive some communications after You make a request.

Section 8. Loyalty Program Termination.

8.1 We may terminate Your Happy Rewards account where we consider it appropriate or reasonable to do so, or the Happy Rewards program, at any time. Where possible, We will give You at least 90 days’ notice of such termination to enable You to make a final rewards claim.

8.2 Sometimes, prior notice of termination of Happy Rewards or Your Happy rewards account may not be given to You, including where We are prevented from doing so by events outside Our control, or where We reasonably suspect that You are using Happy Rewards in breach of these terms and conditions, improperly, or illegally.  

8.3 Upon termination of Happy Rewards or Your Happy Rewards account, You will cease to be entitled to earn Points and claim rewards and your Points will be deleted.

8.4 We will not be liable to you for the termination of Happy Rewards or Your Happy Rewards account, including for the Points in your Happy Rewards account at termination.

Section 9. General.

9.1 We will notify You of changes to these terms and conditions by:

a) updating these terms and conditions on the Happy Rewards website

9.2 Any liability We have to you in negligence, breach of contract or otherwise, and all warranties as to the condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of any goods or services We supply whether express or implied by statute are excluded to the extent permitted by law. Where Our liability cannot be excluded, Our liability to You will be limited to:

a) the cost of re-supplying the goods or services or repairing, or paying the costs of repairing, the goods;

b) reinstating the number of Points in dispute; or

c) where the dispute relates to a reward, the number of Points required to redeem the reward.

9.3 Any tax, liability, or duty You incur from participating in Happy Rewards is Your responsibility.

9.4 These terms and conditions are the entire agreement between Us and You with respect to Happy Rewards.

9.5 If We do not take action in respect of Your breach of these terms and conditions, We will not be treated as having waived Our rights under these terms and conditions in respect of that breach or any other breach of these terms and conditions.

9.6 These terms and conditions will be governed and construed by the laws of the State of Queensland, Australia and you unconditionally submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

9.7 If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, that part will be deemed severed from these terms and conditions and the remainder of the terms and conditions will continue in full force and effect.

Section 10. Definitions.

10.1 In these terms and conditions:

a)     Eligible Transaction means a transaction with Us:

                            i.          made by a person with a Happy Rewards account;

                          ii.          while that person is logged in to their Happy Rewards account;

                         iii.          for goods or services provided at Cricks Sugar Road, Wises Road, Noosa or Nambour dealerships;

                         iv.          for which We have stated We will issue Points.

b)     Happy Rewards means the loyalty program manages by Us under which a member earns Points which may be claimed for rewards under these terms and conditions.

c)      Points means the points held in Your Happy Rewards account, which can be earned when You make Eligible Purchases in accordance with these terms and conditions.

d)     You means each Happy Rewards member, with a Happy Rewards account.

e)     We, Us and Our means Garry Crick's Nambour Pty Ltd ACN 069 267 081 atf Garry Crick's Pty Ltd ABN 23 654 794 748 or its authorised representatives.

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